Claxton’s Whisky – Auchroisk – 25 Year Old

IMG_0637Some drams call for a special occasion and some Monday’s call for a special dram. We were really excited to receive this sample dram from the chaps at Claxton’s and have been looking forward to reviewing it for a couple of very good reasons. The first is that one of our early reviews on this site was a much loved Flora and Fauna expression Auchroisk and the second was that we have heard a lot of good press about Claxton’s as a company too, so we were intrigued to find out what this mighty combination could produce.

Auchroisk, which by the way is pronounced Oh-Thrusk, is a Speyside distillery that rarely produces single malt. Many of its spirits head straight for J&B blended whiskies and that to us, seems a shame. Apparently its name derives from a nearby forded river crossing across a red stream. Tonight’s reviewed dram is a cask strength whisky with an ABV of 51.7%.

Cost: TBC – Not yet released.

Appearance: A straw like golden haze.

Aroma: Thick heady floral pollen, fruity rich pineapple and deep spice of wood.

Taste: This whisky starts as it means to continue, straight away there is a rush of flavours, which crash across the palate. This wave carries on its back a light syrupy sweetness and thick, floral notes, which mingle and swirl on to the tongue. As they spread there is a kick of warming spices that hit the middle of the tongue and dance out toward the sides of the mouth.

The spice continues to develop toward the back of the mouth as this whisky meets its middle. Here there are rich tropical fruit notes, that feel like pineapples, melons and papayas have been stuck in a blender and wooshed with the lid off. Leaving you splattered with thick yellow gloop.

Finally, the fruit, spice and sweetness all combine and cling to the mouth, descending firmly toward the throat where the warm, tantalise and draw you back for another sip. Here there are oak notes, which pull you in a warm, summer forest and wash over you.

Mouthfeel: Strong, but at the same time nuanced and fruity.

Overall: This is a exciting glimpse into what could and should be a regular foray into single malt from the Auchroisk distillery. However, these forays are only brief and only exists because people like Claxton’s make them happen. This to our mind is a very sad fact indeed. We would encourage you to seek this whisky out.

Real Dram Factor: 8.3

More Information: Claxton’s Spirits

Buy Online: TBC – Speak to your local stockists: Claxton’s Local Stockists

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