Isn’t Whisky Blogging Supposed to be Fun?


IMG_0185Here at The Real Dram, we have started to become tired of negativity, both in ourselves and in the things that we read on social media. We want to ensure that what we do stays professional, but we want to keep on loving whisky. Evaluating everything at every step can be incredibly joy sapping and can mean that instead of enjoying what is in your glass, you are desperately seeking that killer line. So, we have decided to make a few changes here at Real Dram Towers.

A New Writer:

First of all, we have brought on board a third reviewer… RealDramTom. He is a Mackmyra obsessive and fellow member of our Bristol based whisky club. He also is a wordpress wizard, so hopefully you will start to notice some changes to the site, to make it more user friendly and also look a little more pretty. Expect his first review, very soon!

Three Review Styles:

Full reviews are ace and you can expect them to continue, but sometimes they are just too much, both to write and to read, so from now you can expect to see three different styles.

  1. FullDram: This is the standard review that you have hopefully come to know and love. 
  2. InstaDram: These reviews, will be spilt into three parts, Nose, Taste and Mind. They will have a 600 character limit, to ensure that are concise and to the point.
  3. AfterDram: This will be more of a free flow response to whiskies and will only be written after the dram. Expect these to be odd, potentially funny and hopefully much more about the experience of drinking a whisky than the nitty gritty.


Whisky is always better when shared, so now when we can, we will be giving away a 5cl bottle of the whisky that we review. This is to give you the chance to win and to join in the conversation with us. When you see the #Drampetition hashtag on a review, then all you need to do is like and repost the review on Facebook or follow and retweet the review on Twitter and we will put your name in the random hat to win the dram. Each #Drampetition will run for 24 hours after the review goes live, so you will need to act quickly. When the time is up, we will be entering everyone into an electronic hat, one entry per retweet/repost and then DMing the winner.

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