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Nikka from the Barrel isn’t a new whisky for me. I was lucky enough to receive a bottle for my birthday in March, it didn’t last long. Even though the standard size here is 50cl it’s great value for money. If you are lucky enough to see it for around the £30 mark, snap it up!

Cost: £30-40

Appearance: Light golden

Aroma: Fresh with hints of dark chocolate, toffee, vanilla and oak. You instantly know from the nose it’s going to be good.

Taste: Initially this is very smooth and fresh. You get the zing of orange peel before It develops with a slight mulled spice on the tongue, making me think of heating up a mulled wine/cider at Christmas. Once the spice settles down this mellows with notes of toffee and vanilla, similar to the nose. The finish is long and dry with hints of a wood fire.

Mouthfeel: Light, Smooth and creamy with a spice kick.

Overall: On first glance this doesn’t appear to be a complex whisky but given time it really does start to show it’s colours. I’ve reviewed this neat, even though it packs a punch at 51.4%. You can add a drop of water if needed, which does mellow it out but you do lose some of that lovely spice. Dark Chocolate (70% Lindt) really complements this whisky well.

Real Dram Factor: 7.8

Source: Sample from Distributor

More Information: Nikka Website

Buy Online: Amazon: Nikka from the Barrel – £35.49 or Master of Malt: Nikka from the Barrel – £33.88

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