Amrut – Single Malt


It’s hard when you look forward to something for a period of time and when it finally arrives, the result is not what you had imagined or dreamt of. Sadly, this was my first introduction to Amrut. For our whisky club, we had tried to buy a bottle of Paul John, but it had just sold out at the wrong time. This meant that however much I enjoyed the Amrut, I was forced to be disappointed.

This dram marks a chance to reappraise, to start again and meet this brand afresh.

Terroir is a difficult concept to fully grasp, but sometimes, either through the power of suggestion or in reality, some drinks seem to taste of where they are from. This dram has a heat, which feels like the baking hot sun. It drifts down the throat warming and numbing on its way down, in the same pleasant way that heat warms the skin on a sunny day.

There was a silky, sweet vanilla which cut through the dram from start to finish. This pulled me away from the heat of India and landed me on the green grass of Ireland and firmly in the palate of the pot still.

Lastly, the big middle flavour is that of spice. Black pepper and aniseed mark the middle of the dram and sit in the middle of the tongue also.

This dram is spicy and big, yet creamy and subtle. It is a dram of contrast, which has an oaken depth to it. Indian whisky distillers produce some interesting liquids and this is one of them.

Real Dram Factor: 7.7

Source: Sample from Distributor

Buy Online: Master of Malt: Amrut Single Malt – £41.45 or Amazon: Amrut Single Malt – £33.11

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