Glenfarclas – 105 Cask Strength

Glenfarclas 105InstaDram:

Nose: Rich, deep sherry, which is golden sugary sweet, yet sharply citrusy. There is oak hidden within, which develops and smells antique in nature.

Taste: Strongly alcoholic, with a rich light texture that has a sweetness of raisins, of golden syrup and a dark, wooden oaken depth. It’s spicy, warming and powerful.

Mind: This dram is cask strength at 60% ABV, but it drinks like a much lighter liquid. It is easy to drink, but is complex and has different notes that appear each time you sip. Ace Dram!

Source: The Dram Team Subscription Box

RealDram Factor: 8.0

Buy Online: Amazon: Glenfarcas 105 1L – £34.55 or Master of Malt: Glenfarcas 105 70cl – £44.75

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