Whisky Magazine – Battle of The Blends 1


For us whisky is a spirit like no other. It is timeless, sociable and creates space for experiences like no other drink.

Since we started drinking whisky two years ago, we have met new people, had new experiences and gone to new places, all because of whisky.

This whisky feels like it captures for me that journey in one liquid. It is layered, complex and sweet. It drinks not like one whisky, but like many collected together and placed expertly into one bottle.

There is a leathery, dark quality to this whisky that reminds me of the smell in an old library in a large, old house. This makes the liquid taste grandiose and luxurious.

There is a also a dry,  spicy quality, that is somehow salty, so that it lines the inside of the lips, whilst dancing on the middle of the tongue.

Finally, there is a creamy caramel flavour that slices through the whole of this dram, keeping everything sweet. It lightens the liquid and bookends it with an unctuous, fudgey quality.

Source: We were lucky enough to get to try this dram as a result of winning a competition in the always excellent Whisky Magazine.

Real Dram Factor: 8.4

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