Nikka Coffey Grain


Nose: Strong floral notes, sweetness of orange and rich polished wood.

Taste: As this soft, light liquid hits the tongue, there is a floral sweetness that kisses the middle of the palate. It’s bees, summer and a high pollen count. The middle is orange and cherries, like the boozy fruit of an old fashioned. Giving way to a long, aged wood finish. Like sucking on a table or a train track. Then their is a developing vanilla pudding flavour like thick cream, mixed with a sugary sweetness of sweet fruit.

Mind: Somewhere in between a bourbon and a grain. Floral, sweet, light and easy to drink. This could be a great sipping whisky, or a great base for many great cocktails.

Source: Sample from UK Distributor

RealDram Factor: 8.0

Buy Online: Master or Malt: Nikka Coffey Grain 70cl – £49.84 or Amazon: Nikka Coffey Grain 70cl – £55.89


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