Black Bull – Kyloe


Twitter is a great way to discover new whisky. Having followed Black Bull Whisky for a while, it’s great to finally taste their whisky (12 Year Old review coming soon). Kyloe (pronounced Kahy-loh) is a selection of Speyside malts matured in bourbon and sherry casks and blended with aged grain. It packs an impressive punch at 50% ABV.

Cost: £20-25

Appearance: Amber Glow

Aroma: Fresh green apples covered in toffee. Orange peel and oak notes.

Taste: Smooth with a huge of hit of chocolate, as this develops there are hints of fruit and nuts. There is a slight spice tingle on the tip of the tongue, before leaving with a lovely smooth and creamy finish, with the subtle vanilla undertones.

Mouthfeel: Smooth and creamy with light spice.

Overall: This whisky is great value at around the £20 mark and i’m not sure you’ll find a better blend in this price range. Despite the 50% ABV this is a smooth creamy whisky that will be great dram to recommend to people starting their whisky journey. It’s also going to impress whisky veterans as well. I’ll be picking up a bottle to add to my collection soon!

Real Dram Factor: 7.2

Source: Sample from UK Distributor

More Information:

Buy Online: Master of Malt: Kyloe – £22.50

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