Paul John – Bold


I’ve become accustomed to lovely whisky from Paul John, so it was no surprise to me that this was a strong offering.  The two surprising elements to this dram were the cost (which is extremely reasonable given it comes all the way from India) and the fact that it is a peated offering. The two in combination were music to my ears, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so Paul John Bold, from the top…

Cost: £45

Appearance: Runny honey.

Aroma: Sherried and roasted nuts, with some hints of leather and grass.

Taste: This has a fiery white pepper blast with enough peat to give it the sophistication you’d hope for in a Paul John whisky. This gives way to a fuller flavour of nuts and marzipan (which is lovely), and finishes with a phenolic hum and buttery afterglow.  I enjoyed savouring this whisky, and I was sad to finish the dram.

Mouthfeel: The initial peppery burn is put out by a mouthfeel that’s buttery, oily and sweet.

Overall: I shouldn’t have been surprised that this was good, but I was none the less, and very happy to be too.  It’s affordable, different and full of all the best Indian whisky characteristics.  This would complement any Islay or sherried Scotch on your shelf and I would happily add this to my Christmas list.

Real Dram Factor: 7.5

Source: Sample from Distributor

More Information: John Distilleries, Bangalore 

Buy Online: Amazon: Paul John Bold – £45.99 or Master of Malt: Paul John Bold – £44.83

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