Glen Moray – Distillery Edition 1994 – Sherry Cask Finish

crnnhb3xyagrub8Glen Moray is the distillery equivalent of an unexpectedly glorious, warm sunny day. They quietly and without much noise make fantastic quality drams that are well priced. Here at The Real Dram we are becoming big fans.

Today we review a dram that came from a fantastic Tweet Tasting. Although, we are sipping the dram from a long discarded (To the camping supplies) mug, underneath a clear sky full of stars and resplendent with moonlight.

Appearance: Dark, rich wood. Like a 1970’s mahogany sideboard.

Aroma: Sharpness of lemon zest, combining with round, rich fruit of plums and cherries. Lastly, there are dark oak notes. Almost the nasal equivalent of a well mixed Old Fashioned.

Taste: The opening notes of this liquid are light and sugary, they have a vanilla and marshmallow like sweetness, which evokes the memory of s’mores around the open fire. Although completely without the smoke.

As this dram opens out there is a leathery, wooden spice. It almost saunters on to the palate, building slowly and deliberately. Here there are also fruity flavours, plum, raisin and brown sugar.

The final notes of this dram are warming in the perfect way. They descend down the throat and head for the stomach. As the spices open out, they spread, bringing a ginger or clove like warmness and an almost Christmassy level of glow.

Mouthfeel: Despite the high ABV this dram isn’t harsh, but instead it is well balanced. There is a medicinal quality, but it’s definitely a drug designed to bring happiness.

Overall: This was the star dram in a night of great booze. It’s spiced, oaken notes are smooth, well balanced and it has a chewable, classy quality.

Real Dram Factor: 8.3

More Information: Glen Moray Website

Buy Online: You will have to visit the Distillery for this dramDirections to the Distillery or buy the rest of the range from here?


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