Claxton’s – Bruichladdich – Rioja Cask


Appearance: Rich, reddish amber, like the ancient cell that kept both the mosquito frozen in time and the dinosaur genes alive and ready for exploitation.

Aroma: A heady mix of wide fruity plum and raisin, with the darkness and tannins of oak combined with the sweetness of port. Like a liquidised Christmas pudding prepared specially for the OAPS with no TEETH.

Flavour: The start of this dram, carries on the Christmas theme, because the initial notes here are thick, viscous sugars abs fruit that combine to foil the senses into thinking that you are downing your first Christmas PX sherry.

Then out of nowhere, there is a rush of spicy woodenness. This is spice like chilli, hot, immediate, sharp and big. This spice carries a plummy sweetness with it, which tames the power and rounds it.

The spice rises and passes over the top of the palate, as it does this it leaves behind a numbness and a leathery ever mellowing wood spice and in the final dying embers a light single cream smoothness.

Real Dram Factor: 7.3

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