Amrut – Fusion


Amrut is an Indian whisky from Bangalore. In Indian, the Angels Share is between 10-12% higher than in Scotland due to the much higher temperatures, but also whisky matures a lot faster in Indian too. Amrut Fusion is so called, as it is made from a mix of Scottish and Indian Barley. Apparently this is an award winning whisky, made for creating the Rob Roy cocktail with!

Appearance: Pollen yellow, rich and deep.

Aroma: Christmas spices, orange zest and oak.

Taste: At the start of this dram this whisky matches spice, with a fruity, sweet nature like apricot jam.

In the middle there is a building liquorice flavour, where star aniseed and cardamom pods interact, muddle and swirl together. This spice brings heat and numbness, which sits on the lips and on the tongue. It is also sharp and acidic, like a fruity lime.

As the spice elapses, there is a deep leather flavour, which is rich, deep and long lasting. At the end there is a cream and tea like tannin. Imagine placing a cream tea in a handbag, blitzing it for two minutes and then aging it subtly and slowly.

Real Dram Factor: 7.0

More Information: Amrut’s Website

Buy Online: Amazon: Amrut Fusion – £49.94 or Master of Malt: Amrut Fusion – £49.84

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