Claxton’s – Ledaig 8YR Old

cr5s8v9ukaab_tmWe love a single cask release and an independent bottler here at The Real Dram, as they provide the whisky lover with unique experiences, usually without the need for a huge price tag. However, they are harder to buy, because each dram requires a leap of faith on behalf of the drinker. We have found that the best is to find a producer that you trust and then to choose drams from a distillery you like. So, a Claxtons’ bottling of a Ledaig is a perfect storm for us.

Ledaig is Tobermory’s peated, smoky whisky.

Appearance: Light, like a feather and yellow like a bee, but no sting here.

Aroma: Sweet, thick charcoal smoke, salty and rich smoked meat and vegetal, earthen seaweed.

Taste: The start of this dram is light and sweet. Almost golden syrup like, yet with a lighter, more floral flavour.

In the middle of the dram, the drinker is thrust head first in to a coal fire, smoke billowing through the dram and filling the whole of the mouth, with a dark, acrid flavour. This is rich and exciting. Not only is a powerful flavour, it is also evocative and warming.

This blast of smoke travels quickly from the mouth, becoming a wooden spice, before leaving the salty, ocean like thickness behind, here is wood, kelp and maybe even a crustacean crawling through the scene numbing and tingly

Mouthfeel: Light and balanced, but smoky and big flavoured.

Overall: A Mighty Dram. We want a bottle and we want one now.

Real Dram Factor: 8.2

Buy Online: Drinkswell, Ripon: Ledaig 8YR Old – 70cl – £49.95

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