Mellow Corn Whiskey

mellow-corn-whiskyMellow Corn is an unusual whiskey, which is not Bourbon or Rye, but instead a Whiskey made with corn. As with all other whiskies, there are rules. Corn whiskey must be 81% corn, with the rest being Malted Barley and Rye. Mellow Corn is made to these rules, which means that it can carry the label “Bottle in Bond” This whiskey is a brand owned by Heaven Hill, who have a large catalogue of spirits.

I got to try this whiskey thanks to the generosity of Craig Watson (@spikeydog120), who sent us a few very generous samples of American Whiskeys

Cost: £20-30

Appearance: Bright, vivid yellow.

Aroma: Almost minty in aroma, smells like toothpaste, mixed with warm porridge and butter.

Taste: Initially this dram is medicinal, hospital like and smokey. Minty again like Fry’s Mint Cream.

Then it becomes spicy, warming and sweet. There are rich thick flavours, that remind me strongly of the best kind of cornbread. However there are real oaken spicy notes here too.

As the dram moves through the palate, it leaves behind numbing qualities and spices. Like a dark, fruitcake. Rich in darkness, but with grassy, earthy notes.

Mouthfeel: Light, buttery, but punchy with a strong kick.

Overall: There is something different, something comforting about this whiskey. I haven’t tried anything like this before and it opens my mind to whiskeys that are made in different ways and from different things. I would encourage everyone to at least get to try this dram. I think it would make a perfect spirit for creating interesting cocktails with.

Real Dram Factor: 7.5

Source: Craig Watson (@spikeydog120)

More Information: Heaven Hill

Buy Online: Master of Malt: 70cl – £24.70 or Amazon: 70cl – £28.69

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