Lakes Distilery – Lakes Malt (Cask 23)

img_0312The Lakes Distillery is a very new endeavour, it only opened in 2014. Which for the knowledgeable and quick witted amongst you will immediately tell you that they cannot yet sell whisky. Whisky needs to sit in oak cask and mature for at least three years before it can be called a whisky. This means that those who want to get their hands on the first malt, will need to wait until 2018.

One of the joys of our whisky journey has been the chance to see and taste the effect of barrelling on the flavours and aromas in the spirit. We have tried new make spirit, which is the liquid that is taken straight from the still. This is only the second time that we have drunk spirit that has been aged, but not long enough to be called whisky.

Today we review the Lakes Malt.

Price: Only Available to Founder’s Club Members

Appearance: Very light, hazy yellow, like river water with sand underneath.

Aroma: Vanilla and oak, like a alcoholic and well aged custard cream.

Taste: Light, sweet and powerful vanilla, marshmallows and sweets.

Spicy and punchy, like a young, powerful cinnamon. Numbing on the inside of the lips. Spreads across the tongue and around the mouth. Hazelnut.

Short, finish, which leaves behind a metallic, coppery note. Citrus, vanilla and oak still here.

Mouthfeel: Young, bullish and yet creamy.

Overall: It is really interesting to chart the journey of a spirit, from its inception to fruition as a single malt. Drinking this dram, I was surprised by the calmness and flavours that were present already, even though it is still very young. This malt reminds me of the scenery that surrounds the distillery itself. The Lakes is a place full of peace and water.

Real Dram Factor: 7.2

Source: Sample from the Distillery

More Information: The Lakes Malt

Buy Online: The Founders Club


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