Flóki Icelandic Young Malt

One of my favourite new traditions, is the mystery dramathon that my lovely brother in law creates for me at Christmas. He bottles up three drams that are unlabelled except for a number. He sits smugly listening, whilst I bandy around the names of every distillery known to man. Eventually I blurt out a solution, confidently sure that I have revealed the correct answer. Always, without fail, I fail and Rob has to tell me what it is. Despite this every year, I have a lovely time and get to try some new whisky.

Price: £40 – 50 (Although unavailable now)

Appearance: Shimmering Amber

Aroma: There are three very definite parts to the nose of this dram. Firstly, there is a wet, yeasty smell, like a still rising dough. Behind this lingers a fruity, zesty aroma, which sits somewhere between orange and pineapple. Finally over all this is the sweetness of stoned fruit.

Taste: The first notes here are sweet, like a flowery, pollinated honey.

Oddly in the middle of the palate, there is a zesty plastic pineapple juice sweetness, which peeks its head briefly out from under the sheets. Like a small child having a sneaky midnight snack of sherbert.

The final notes are the blanket of very light wooden spicing, which cover the rest of the flavours and remain in the mouth long after all else has gone. However even these notes pass away, quicker than the peace of sleep in a house full of toddlers.

Mouthfeel: Light, sweet and full of tropical fruit.

Overall: This is a truly unusual malt, which is unlike anything that I have tried. It remains to be seen whether this is a law of age, unusual distillation methods or the specific terroir of the distillery. I am still not sure whether I liked or enjoyed this dram, but it certainly was worth trying.

Real Dram Factor: 7.2

Source: Secret Christmas Drams

More Information: www.flokiwhisky.is

Buy Online: Duty Free Iceland

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