Wild Turkey – 101 Proof

Sometimes I find myself getting obsessed with a type of whisky, cocktail and or single bottle of whisky. It becomes unnervingly like a compulsion and takes all of my self control to pull myself into reality. Otherwise I would most likely sit at home in my pants drinking. Fortunately I have a wife, job and family to remind me daily not to become this version of myself.

My most recent obsession has been the Old Fashioned. It is a very simple cocktail to make, but its powers are strong. This has led to me purchasing a few bourbons on the lower end of the price bracket. This was a bottle that I picked up just before Christmas.

Wild Turkey is a Kentucky made bourbon, who are owned by the Campari group. The name originally came from a hunting trip for the namesake animal, to which the then owner took some warehouse samples. The 101 in the title refers to 101% Proof, which in America is simply ABV multiplied by two. Thus making this dram slightly over 50% ABV, which is slightly lower than the 109% cask strength.

Price: £25-35

Appearance: Like all good bourbons, this has the deep orange shimmer of a glorious autumnal sunset.

Aroma: Despite its ABV this dram has a minty sweetness, that swirls with a vanilla marzipan nuttiness and some cherry fruit.

Taste: Intially quiet and subtle, this silky sweet dram sneaks in to the mouth and on to the palate with a nutty sweetness that shouts alcoholic marzipan at me.

Then, in stark contrast, the middle of this dram is a pleasantly numbing, minty, fruity, spiced kick of alcohol. Like being thrown from horse made of mint chocolate directly into a wooden bowl full of Christmas cake mixture.

When you finally drag yourself from this horse/chocolate predicament, you are greeted with a dry, yet fruity wooden spice and a wonderful warming feeling, which lasts for long enough to make you want to draw the glass back to your lips.

Mouthfeel: Light and sweet, but spiced with the heat of cinnamon.

Overall: This isn’t a dynamic overture of a dram, more like a classic one dimensional pop tune. Light, fun and sweet, with just enough interest to bring a fleeting joy. Think Karma Chameleon or You Spin Me Roumd, only in liquid form.

Real Dram Factor: 7.3

Source: Own Collection

More Information:  Wild Turkey Website

Buy Online: Amazon – Wild Turkey 101 Proof: £28.00 or Master of Malt – Wild Turkey 101 Proof: £30.77

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