Michters – No1 Sour Mash

You might have noticed a general tend towards more American whiskey review’s appearing on this site. This reflects my growing love of bourbon. In my first months and years of drinking whisky, I would have avoided bourbon like the plague, but meeting the Michter’s range at a tasting session really changed that. I was amazed by the dynamic differences between the whiskies in their core range and it opened my eyes to the joys that American whisky can hold. Ever since, I have sought to try more and widen my knowledge base.

Then recently I noticed that I have really created any reviews of the drams that started it all. So expect a few Michters drams over the next few weeks! First up, the No 1 Sour Mash.

This whisky takes its name from act of adding perviously fermented mash into a new mash that it being fermented, much like the process of creating sourdough bread. It can’t be called a bourbon or a rye, due to the grain selection, which is used to create it.

Price: £50-60

ABV: 43%

Appearance: Copperish-Red

Aroma: A mix of marzipan, cocktail cherries, floral polish and wood.

Taste: Initially this dram reminds me of the sweetness of fruit syrup that used to surround a tinned fruit cocktail. Something we only ever ate if my nan was feeling exotic! Along with the sweetness there is the oaken spice.

This spice develops, bringing notes of light aniseed spice, which penetrates the sweetness, bringing a width and warmth to the dram which sits on the tongue and drops down the throat.

The final notes are almonds, honey, cherries and pastry. Almost like the perfect liquid version of a Cherry Bakewell. This combines nicely with the warming woodenness that lingers on at the back of the mouth.

Mouthfeel: Sweet, wooden and spicy.

Overall: This dram is an original. It is most like a rye whisky, but with a fruity middle that sets it apart. It is much less spicy and wooden than the average rye and its sweetness makes it unbelievably drinkable. My favourite of its qualities is the warming spice that sits at the back of the throat and descends downwards.

Real Dram Factor: 8.3

Source: Sample from the distributor

More Information: www.michters.com

Buy Online: Amazon: Michters Sour Mash 70cl – £59.99 or Master of Malt: Michter’s Sour Mash 70cl – £53.83

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