Tamdhu – Batch Strength Two

Here is the third of a Tamdhu Trio, the Batch Strength.

Price: £50-60

ABV: 58.5%

Appearance: Dark, oaky red colour. Like the setting sun, glinting on a Cornish beach.

Aroma: A huge nose of apple, creme caramel and cinnamon loaf cake.

Taste: This is not the big kick in the face that the ABV might hint toward. Initially rich, smooth and sweet. This reminds me of the creamy, vanilla that you get from a traditional Panna Cotta.

As the smooth sweetness passes across the tongue, there is a light spice, which spreads from the front, over the top of the mouth and then down the back of the mouth. This part of the dram is malty like a Horlicks, spicy like a cinnamon and yeasty like freshly baked muffins.

As the spice and heat of the dram drops to the back of the tongue and down the throat, there is a developing fruity sweetness. This part of the flavour harks back to the nose of the dram, bringing it full circle.

Mouthfeel: Sweet, yet spicy, but subtle and nuanced.

Overall: The extra alcohol sets this apart from the other two drams in this trio, because it has a bigger, fuller mouth feel than the other two. Yet it still has all the subtlety, sweetness and spice you would expect for a Speyside dram. I was a really big fan of this dram.

Real Dram Factor: 8.4

Source: Tweet Tasting

More Information: The Tamdhu Website

Buy Online: The Tamdhu Shop: Tamdhu Batch Strength – £59.99

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