Michter’s – *1 Straight Rye 

Rye whiskey is a really interesting category, full of variety and very different from scotch whisky and even from its most close relative, bourbon. In America, a rye whiskey just needs to contain more than 51% rye within the mash bill. It then need to be matured for two years within fresh, unused oak casks. Often Rye whiskey tends to be spicier and fruitier than an average bourbon, but as with all other whiskey categories there is big variety in flavour.

Michter’s Distillery (Previously know and Bomberger’s) is supposedly the oldest distillery in the United States, having documented distilling on its site since 1753.

Price: £50-60

ABV: 42.4%

Appearance: Dark Rich Red

Aroma: A whirlwind of lovely flavours all swirling round together, each taking their turn to rise to the surface and then descend back down. There are marzipan, caramel, vanilla, grape and grain flavours, which all combine for a sweet, yet spicy treat.

Taste: This dram starts with a peppery warmth on the front of the tongue. It blends with citrus and vanilla. There is sweetness, but the predominate flavour is the developing oak.

In this developing middle flavour there is heat and spice of aniseed and liquorice. This part of the liquid is quintessential rye, but with a curious mix of lightness and depth.

As the dram comes to a close, there is a whisp of charcoal, It is earthy and there is a bran and warm ovaltine end.

Mouthfeel: Spicy. thin and sweet.

Overall: This is a lovely, drinkable rye. It is full flavoured, but light and accessible. We think that it is great!

Real Dram Factor:  8.2

Source: Sample from Distributor

More Information: Michter’s Website

Buy Online: Amazon: Michters *1 Rye Whisky 70cl – £50.84 or Master of Malt: Michter’s US*1 Straight Rye – £53.83



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