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One of the more interesting trends in whisky is the proliferation of distilleries around England, there are fourteen and counting (For more information see Cooper King’s Lovely Map of English Whisky. Each of these tries to bring something new to the market, but one of the originals and best established is the English Whisky Company. They have been producing interesting and award winning whiskies, in Norfolk, since 2006.

They recently re-branded their whole range to bring it up to date and to allow their great spirit to be drunk by more people. This dram is an unpeated whisky that has been matured in bourbon casks.

Price: £30 – 40

ABV: 43%

Appearance: Light Golden Yellow, like the setting sun on millpond still lake water.

Aroma: Led strongly by the fruity, crisp and sweet aroma of apple. Then there is an oaty richness, which mixes with brown sugar.

Taste: Intially there is a sharpness, like the zest of lemon and a behind it there is a floury rolled oat like flavour.

From this comes a malty, sweet middle, which opens out to an appley fruit.

Finally, there is a warmth that comes from a mace like spice. 

Mouthfeel: Smooth, fruity and malty.

Overall: This whisky is nutty, malty and fruity. It is for me a perfect example of the characteristics of the great whisky that the English Whisky Company produces. For the Scotch heads amongst our readers, it is most like a lowland whisky, like Auchentoshan, yet it has a distinct and different character. This specific whisky is creamy and nutty, its the 99 of the whisky world.

Real Dram Factor: 7.6

Source: Won a competition on Facebook.

More Information: www.englishwhisky.co.uk

Buy Online: English Whisky Company Shop

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