A Busy, Busy Summer

This feels like the first time that we have sat down in about two months. So we wanted to write a little post to say sorry for not posting regularly in the last few months, to give you a little update on us and also a little taster of what you can expect in the next few months.

A Short Apology for not being that regular at producing content.


The Real Dram Update

We started as two, went up to three and are back down to two. Our friend, Simon, who once was @RealDramSi has finally given up pretending that he was ever going to write a review and instead found his real calling. He now takes the best worst photos of whisky. So, finish reading and then go follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

The Next Few Weeks

As we have been so busy, we have loads of stuff to talk about, so expect the following upcoming articles:

  • Distillery Tour Reviews from our Speyside Trip, which include: Glenfarclas, Tomatin, Glen Moray and Strathisla.
  • A Review of our VIP Tour of Speyside Cooperage.
  • A Review of Whisky Bristol Underground and Bristol Craft Beer Festival
  • Loads of dram reviews, we have a shelf full of new drams and samples to get through.

Cheers for you on going support of our blog, we are really grateful that anyone even bothers to read this rubbish.

Rob and Tom

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