Strathisla Distillery Tour

Keith is one of those names that it is difficult to imagine a baby being called. Over the years, I have wondered about this mystery and only recently has it come to my attention that names such as  Doris, Colin and Derek are names that people must graduate to later in life.

A baby might start out life as as an Adam, or Thomas and then as they begin to find themselves drawn to listening to Radio 2 because they play “my kind of music” or buying a Skoda, because “They offer the perfect combination of value and fuel economy”, their baby name would be erased, their adult name assigned and so another Colin is born.

On day three of our Speyside tour, we decided to travel between Dufftown and Keith on the wondrous Keith and Dufftown Railway (Otherwise know as The Whisky Line). As the train pootled from the epicentre of Speyside whisky (Dufftown) towards Keith, we spotted wildlife and enjoyed the the sunshine. On arrival in Keith, we made the short walk to Strathisla Distillery.

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Distillery Review

After the amazing youth and fun of Tomatin and the class and depth of Glenfarclas, Strathisla was very much a disappointment.

The distillery is in a very pretty building and there are interesting features that whisky nerds such as myself will enjoy. I enjoyed hearing about the removal of a slate roof to drop in a repaired still and entering dunnage storage is always joyous, as the aromas hit the nostrils.

Sadly, we were not allowed to take photos in the distillery, we were whistled through the distillery quickly, with little detail given to the whisky making process and we were then dispatched to a tasting room, where we were offered a run of uninspiring supermarket drams.

If this is over critical, then I am sorry, but I really wouldn’t want this to be the only tour that you did in Speyside, There are many more excellent tours to be enjoyed!

For access to a beautiful building to and limited information about the process, we would give this tour 4/10

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