Festively Finished Whisky – The Milk Thistle

Here is the second in our series of festively finished whiskies and our guide of where to find them in Bristol.

For the Port Polishers…

Location: The Milk Thistle, Colston Avenue

Vibe: Bristol is blessed with a few secret, speak easy style bars, where you can always rely on the quality of booze and the classy nature of the atmosphere. These are the places where the proper drinkers go and the Milk Thistle is one of the best in the city. Book before you go, because it is a popular place. When you go leave time to order a dram, but also a cocktail from their mix of classics and house mixes.

Dram: Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

ABV: 46%

Price: £6.00 for 25ml

Aroma: Musty, bananas, pineapples and mango.

Taste: This dram begins with a sweet light brown sugar, mingling with tropical pineapple and mango. Again it is sweet, unctuous and syrupy.

Oddly, as this whisky reaches its middle, it swiftly morphs to a much more savoury dram, with antique wooden shelves lined with dusty leather bound books.

This leather flavour abounds and is met by a meaty flavour, something like beef jerky, maybe cooked upon a rich oak sideboard! As the dram lingers, the subtle tropical notes reappear and treat the palate.

Review: Here is a dram that brings Christmas dreams to life. It’s Christmas Eve, the fire is lit and its properly warming our toes. Laid out in front of us is a well aged port, a cheese board and some well chosen charcuterie. All of this, just from twenty five millilitres of liquid in a glass!

While the whisky collection on show at Milk Thistle is more limited, you get the feeling that it is a carefully curated collection, where you will be safe to order any and all drams. It is a great venue for Christmas drams, but definitely leave space for a cocktail or two as well!

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