New Beginnings

For the last two and half years, I have loved learning and writing all about whisky.

I have done this primarily through whisky reviews, which I shared here on The Real Dram. My aim was always to document my journey of discovery through the world of whisky and in doing so, hopefully to share that passion with other people.

Writing the blog has meant that I have made some amazing new friends, visited some fantastic new places, taken part in some amazing events and learnt loads about the subject.

As I have done this, my passion for writing has developed and I have enjoyed writing about a broader range of topics. I experimented at first with writing about those things (Food, Beer etc) and publishing them The Real Dram, but for me they never felt entirely at home here.

So at the start of this year, I took some time off writing to reassess and evaluate what I was doing. As a result of this process of thinking, I have decided that I am going to be split my writing between two sites. They will be as follows:

The Real Dram ( – This will stay as the home of my writing about whisky. Tom and Simon will continue to occasionally add their own reviews and thoughts. We will clear out all the other stuff, so that it stays solely as a general repository of whisky joy.


Things What Rob Loves ( – This is going to the home of pretty much everything else. It will be a site full of recommendations, mostly to do with food that I eat and love, but expect all sorts of stuff.

I will publish links to both these sites through my social media channels, which are mainly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for being interested enough to read this twaddle and hopefully you will continue enjoy what you read from me, wherever you read it!



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