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What: Girls Who Grind Coffee are a small, indepedently run coffee roastery based in Upton Scudamore near Frome in Somerset. What makes them original is that they are 100% female run company that seek to source coffee from female producers and farmers around the world. The owners, Fi O’Brien and Casey Lalonde come from different countries and different vocational backgrounds, but what unites them is their passion for great coffee!

Where: I came into contact with the company on Instagram, but you can find them in loads of places around the country – Check here for an up to date list:

Why: I love a coffee, but tend to brew using an Aeropress and drink it black. This means that I am always on the look out for light to medium roast coffee beans that are full of flavour. I was draw to the awesome packaging that all their coffee comes packed in and so took a chance on a couple of bags.

Nicaragua – Jinotega

This is a light, fruity coffee that when brewed by my inexpert hands initially had a green apple and lime, which morphed into a creamy, sweet after taste.

Dr Congo – Idjwi Island, Lake Kivu

This is a much jammier, yet milkier flavoured coffee. Intially full of floral notes, passing through an apricot jam phase, then levelling out into a rich, smooth ending.

I must confess that I am not an expert coffee brewer and tend towards the Aeropress as it seems to consistently produce good coffee with little skill needed on my behalf, but both these coffees tasted fantastic. They were robust, flavourful and super easy to drink. Each day that they were in my house they brought a little slice of sunshine into my morning. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

How Much: This varies between the type of coffee, but generally between £8-10 for a standard bag.

More Info: Check out their website and say that we sent you:

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