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The Singleton is in fact a trio of distilleries, Singleton of Dufftown, Glen Ord and Glendullan. They are all owned by Diageo and originally each distillery bottling was a product for a different international market. All are now available world wide and Diageo hope that one day The Singleton brand will become the biggest selling single malt. They refer to the whiskies as “Welcoming Whiskies” which are priced and flavoured to appeal to non-whisky drinkers and ardent fans alike.

This particular dram, which is from the Dufftown distillery, is focussed on being a versatile whisky that can be served neat, as a highball (over ice with mineral water) or in a cocktail, such as an Old Fashioned.

Price: £25-40

ABV: 40%

Appearance: A consistent golden yellow colour, like an autumnal sunset or sunlight on a field of corn.

Aroma: Honey toast, stewed apples and boozy, resinous wood.

Taste: Initially this is very light and smooth whisky with a thick, oily and sweet texture.

As it sits delicately on the tongue there is a developing apple esters and a light cinnamon spicing. These notes combine with a hidden light smokiness, wooden quality that develops with more time in the glass and mouth.

As the dram fades, the spice notes widen and become a more warming gingery note, which sticks to the top of the mouth and throat in a lozenge-esk way, warming an soothing.

Mouthfeel: Sweet, thick and smooth.

Overall: This is a whisky that would make a great present for the person in your life that you seek to convert to the ways of whisky joy. It is light and easy to drink, but still has enough dimensions to keep them drinking till the end of the bottle. At which point you can point them in the direction of some more dynamic and more challenging whiskies. I could also see it making a good cocktail whisky, as its deep enough, yet simple enough in flavour that it would pair with other ingredients well.

Real Dram Factor: 6.75

Source: Free Sample from The Whisky Wire Flash Blog Event.

More Information:

Buy Online: At time of publishing this whisky is on offer on Amazon for £26.00, down from £36.00

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