Widow Jane – 10 Year Old (Cask 1791)

Widow Jane Distillery was founded in 2012, they both distill their own spirit and source whiskies from other distilleries. This is a single casked bourbon, which means that each expression will differ around a general flavour profile, so this review should be treated as a general flavour profile. We tasted this whiskey as a sample during a 4th of July American Whiskey Tweet Tasting.

Price: £70-80

ABV: 45.5%

Appearance: Rich, reddish brown.

Aroma: Creme Brûlée, pine wood shavings, fruity cherries, crisp red apples and mint chocolate ice cream – big, wide inviting aromas!

Taste: Initially this is a sweet, creamy whiskey, which also has a round fruity, cherry like flavour.

Then without warning there is a proper floral burst in the middle, like when one day there is a plain meadow and the next a rainbow of colour – and there is no other flavour note for it than parma violets.

Then the boozey cherries come back, combined with a caramelising dark sugar flavour that occasionally pops in and out of a dark roasted, fruity central american coffee flavour.

Then the corn appears, at once vegetal and creamy. Then as the dram leaves there is a minty flavour.

Mouthfeel: Floral, sweet and minty.

Overall: Layered, like a properly pleasing crazy boozy trifle. middle – On sips, three and four this seemed to morph into a minty chocolate flavour.

Real Dram Factor: 7.0

Source: Tweet Tasting

More Information: Widow Jane Website

Buy Online: Master of Malt – 70cl @ £70 or Amazon – 70cl @ £75.95

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