Autumn Cocktails @ Bristol Spirit

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What: Bristol Spirit is the kitchen/bar of Espensen Spirit, who are a Bristol based craft spirit producer. Think of it as a tap room, but instead of beer, it is a showcase place for their amazing range of naturally infused gins and vodkas. It is masterminded by the combined talents of Sam Espensen (who makes all the booze) and Matt Troy (who mixes all the booze into awesome cocktails)

They run a variety of amazing nights, ranging from a film club, Sunday Roasts, Food Pop Ups, right through to hosting Six Nations sports fests! At each of these events, you will find a range of bespoke cocktails, which match the night and show off their spirits. They also host a wide variety of food pop ups, which take in the best of Bristol’s street food scene. They currently have Mission Pizza, bashing out awesome pizza pies…

Where: 86 Whitehall Road, Bristol, BS5 9BQ

Why:  As summer starts to feel like a distant memory and the warm weather is replaced by the need for thermals, one of the only good things that happens is the arrival of Bristol Spirit’s autumnal cocktail menu. As Matt uses the seasonal spirits that Sam creates to make their cocktails, their menu changes to reflect that change of flavours. We were lucky enough to be invited over to try the new delight’s on the menu last weekend and finally got round to sharing the good news with you… They are EPIC!

Morticia’s Delight:

Initially this cocktail is all sassy, full of zesty lime flavours and herby bitters, but as it sits in the mouth there is a cherry and almond sweetness. Then as you finish your mouthful the bitters come back all herbal and fresh. Think margaritas with cherry bake wells smooshed up in them and you won’t be too far off!

Plan 9:

OMG!!! Super fruity coffee flavours swoosh around the mouth to start with, quickly followed by creamy sweet chocolate notes, then there are zesty orange bitters and fruity sloe vodka notes too at the end. Imagine an espresso martini that this made from coffee, Terry’s chocolate orange and sloes and you are near to the flavour sensation that this decadent cocktail offers.

Practical Magic:

For those of you missing your Negronis in the sunshine, then look no further than this bad boy. At first it is full fo raspberry fruit and lemon zest, which develops into fig and orange flavours. Then last there is a drying vermouth like flavour, with gentle herbs. So good, you might even forgive the weather.

Wicker Man:

This is a huge cocktail, which seeks to emulate an old fashioned in its simplicity and boozyness (definitely a word). Here there is a lovely spicy warmth of Peychard’s, followed by a big boozey apple led flavour that is thick and autumnal.

How Much: Cocktails range from around £3-9 and The price of food depends on the pop up currently in residence when you attend the bar. They also serve a great selection of local beers and even a wine or too, if you are so inclined!

More Info: or follow them on Facebook for up to date information about events and food pop ups: Bristol Spirit

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