Brenne – Cuvée Spéciale

Today we feature a second whisky that comes to you from a tweet tasting that showcased some of the whisky from this year’s Drinks By The Dram Advent Calendars.

Brenne is a very original whisky that is created in Cognac, with a flavour of France. Created solely from malted barley grown in the Cognac region, it is then casked into Limousin oak casks and finished in barrels previously used to create Cognac in. This gives the whisky a unique aroma and interesting palate.

Price: £50 – 60

ABV: 40%

Appearance: A rich deep red colour.

Aroma: Wow! This whisky smells so sweet! Like an explosion in a sweet shop – There are foam bananas, cream soda and lemon sherbet all sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream. Maybe even flying saucers in there too.

Taste: Initially, this whisky tastes like milkshake made from Caramac, Milkybar, and White Mice. It is mega sweet and creamy. Then there is a white pepper and crisp, sweet melon flavour, like a new world chardonnay. It is grassy and fruity, but these flavours fall away and the creamy notes come back. The final notes are tannic.

Mouthfeel: This is a very sweet, light and fruity whisky.

Overall: This is definitely a marmite whisky, because it is so different from most whiskies that you might taste. For those who like a light, sweet, fruity dram then this may be right up your street. For me, it was just too sweet, too thin and too one dimensional. Now I am not saying that this might not be a whisky that you enjoy, but it just wasn’t for me.

Real Dram Factor: 6.8

Source: The Whisky Wire – Tweet Tasting 

More Information: Brenne Whisky

Buy Online: Master of Malt – £55.95

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