Mackmyra – Moments Range – Vintersol

Aroma: There is a beautiful nutty, creamy nose that comes of this whisky at first sniff. Then with more inspection you can draw out apple notes, brown sugar sweetness and then tropical fruits. These are all notes that you would expect of a Mackmyra, but there is more. There is a deeper stone fruit nose that lurks beneath all of the above.

Taste: This is a beautifully simple, clean and sweet whisky. At first it tastes silky smooth, with a big brown sugar fruity sweetness. Then as it opens out, there is a warm fruity spiciness that develops across the tongue. As the initial flavours leaves, there is a tingly, apple fruit, which is joined by rounder nutty flavours.

Appearance: There is a beautiful pinkish hue that comes through the usual golden notes that you expect from Mackmyra.

Real Dram Factor: This is a lovely, easy to drink whisky, with lots to like about it. Unbelievably, Mackmyra have been making whisky for twenty years and in our opinion, their house style suits sweet, gentler fruity whisky like this one. It is warming, friendly and fruity, so we give it a 7.4.

You Will Like This If… you are a fan of gentle warming Speyside whiskies like Balvenie or Glenfiddich.

ABV: 46.1%

Price: £59.90

Source: Sample from Brand Ambassador

More Information: Mackmyra Website

Buy Online: Mackmyra Online Shop

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