Lagavulin – 10 Year Old – Travel Exclusive

Aroma: As with most Lagavulin whiskies, this whisky is all about the smoke and the salinity combination on the nose. There is a big whack of charcoal smoke, followed by a fruity black spice. Then there is a sun dried hay quality which underpins the dram.

Taste: First you get a sweet, almost deceptive, honied quality to this whisky, which is salty and moreish. This is quickly replaced by a spicier, smokey fruity flavour that lingers long in the mouth. It isn’t the biggest Islay style punch in the mouth, but a more gentle refined smoke that has a creamy almost hay like quality to it.

Appearance: Golden Brown (texture like sun)

Real Dram Factor: It is difficult to review an Islay whisky from a distillery that you really love without the real problem of your review being coloured by being a proper fan boy. This whisky is all the things that I have always loved about whisky. It is smokey, complex and yet smooth. It won’t be to everyones liking, but it is to mine, so I give it an 8.2.

You Will Like This If… you like charcoal led smokey whiskies, such as Caol Ila, smokier Kilchomans and other standard Lagavuilin expressions.

ABV: 43%

Price: £42

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