Whisky Works – King of Trees

Aroma: This whisky is super full of apple and pear drop fruity sweetness. There are also creamy, oatey and caramelised sugar notes. 

Taste: At first floral, gentle and sweet. There is a really honeyed, silkiness to the start of this whisky. Which as you can imagine, makes it super easy to drink.

Then in the middle there is a lush fruity flavour, something like tinned peaches or apricots – this part doesn’t last for long, but it it super sweet and jammy.

This jammy flavour is quickly joined by a spice that for me sits somewhere between white pepper and cinnamon, somehow fittingly sweet, but also savoury.

Appearance: A very delicate golden colour, like a chardonnay.

Real Dram Factor: My go to flavour of choice in whisky is so often different day by day. Sometimes I fancy a big smokey blast, sometimes I prefer gentle fruity sweetness and others still I seek a murky sherried beast. I think that often it depends on what I have else I have consumed that day and to some extent my mood as well. This whisky definitely sits in the second of those categories. It is light, gentle, sweet and incredibly easy to drink. This subtlety will mean that some people will dismiss it as underwhelming, but for me, it has lots of flavours to impart. The most interesting of them being the wooden spice that underlies the whole experience. For that and the lovely orchard fruit notes, I give this a 7.2.

You Will Like This If… you like you whiskies subtle, but spicy.

ABV: 46.5%

Price: £75

Source: Tweet Tasting Sample

More Information and Buy Online: https://www.thewhiskyworks.com/our-whiskies/king-of-trees/

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