Glen Moray – 21 Year Old – Portwood Finish

Aroma: At first there was a wonderful sweet tinned peach fruit aroma with a sherbet vanilla fizz. This was then followed by an oaky, furniture polish smell which combines with a sweet plummy jam and a gingerbread spice.

Taste: Initially, there is a syrupy sweet flavour, which reminded me of childhood puddings, something like tinned peaches (without the obligatory – and pretty disgusting condensed milk) 

Then the middle of this whisky is all about the mingle of warming spices. At first it felt like a savoury spice, like white pepper, however as I drank, it felt more like the warming sweet cinnamon spice of the aroma.

As the spiciness fades into the background, the last flavours of the whisky are an intoxicating mix of tropical fruit and home baking spice. It leaves you wanting more.

Appearance: Pinkish hued golden brown.

Real Dram Factor: I found this to be a gentle, but ultimately complex and well-balanced whisky. As I sat with it and it warmed in the glass, more of the fruity flavours came out and also chocolatey notes were present in the middle of the dram. I do love Glen Moray, but this was a smooth, fruity, fiery treat of a dram. I would give it at least an 8.4 out of 10.

You Will Like This If… you like fruity, spicy, but gentle drams. Think Speyside, with that extra layer of complexity from the Port Finish.

ABV: 46.3%

Price: £120 – 130

Source: Sample from PR Firm.

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