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Aroma: To my mind there are three dominant aromas in this whisky, the most prevalent is rich sweet orchard fruits. Think pears and apples, possibly stewing ready for a crumble topping to be applied. Then there is a creamy, nutty underbelly that reminds me of Cadbury’s Whole Nut. Lastly, there is a coppery salinity.

Taste: This is a whisky of two halves, at first it is silky smooth and delicately sweet. Think golden syrup or the sweetness of apple in a danish. Here there is a creaminess and apple fruit that comes from the aroma as you drink.

Then there is a burst of warming gingery spice. This is a spice that rests on the middle of the tongue and then drops backward down the throat.  As it descends it leaves behind a buttery sweetness and a leathery mustiness. Here the fruit of the sherry cask is subtly present in the background, jammy and sweet.

Appearance: Golden yellow

Real Dram Factor: When I first tasted this whisky, I said it was like licking the salty boots of a rum soaked pirate (if you could get that close) and I stand by that. There is a lot going on, but the predominant flavour is the gentle gingery, warming spice. Backed up and complemented well by the jammy sweetness of the sherry, this is balanced and smooth whisky. It shows off its grain component well, whilst tasting like a classy malt. So for being a banging blend, we award this whisky a 8.1 out of 10.

You Will Like This If… you like smooth, warming whiskies.

ABV: 46.4%

Price: £75

Source: Whisky Works Tweet Tasting

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