Glen Marnoch 25 Year old (2019 Christmas Release)

Aroma: At first, there are tons of orchard fruits – stewed apples and pears, then raisins and sultanas. With more time, there is a honeyed vanilla sweetness and a nose of sun drying hay.

Taste: First, there is a caramelised sugar sweetness, with raisins and orchard fruits.

Then there is a creamy vanilla led middle, which is tempered by more of the dried fruit notes from the nose.

Finally followed by a warming ginger heat, which brings with it a rich wooden finish. This lasts a long time and sits on the top of the palate.

Appearance: Golden Brown

Real Dram Factor: If it wasn’t enough that you can pop into your local bargain food retailer and pick up a twenty five year old whisky for less than £40 – This one is actually pretty good. I am by no means saying that it is the best whisky that I have drunk this month, but it is solidly good. It is drinkable, with lots going for it. It is sweet, easy to drink, but has a balance of spice and wooden dryness.

Its only major flaw for me is it’s longevity of flavour. The finish feels less interesting than I had hoped and I wanted more from it. however for the first two thirds were interesting enough to cover the entrance fee alone and for that I would award it 7.1 out of 10.

You Will Like This If… you like a sherried Speyside whisky. Think Tamdhu or something similar.

ABV: 40%

Price: £39.99

Source: Bottle Share from @DvdBloke

More Information:

Buy Online: It is sold out online, so you will need to pop into your local Aldi – just tell them your favourite whisky website (or us) sent you!

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