Port Askaig 8 Year Old

This whisky has a marshmallow sweetness, which is counterpointed with a chimney smoke. Imagine eating Tunnocks Tea Cake whilst emptying day old ashes from a log burner. Call it salty or seaweedy, but there is something maritime about this whisky too.

Taste: Delicate, sweet and saline – this is a gentle whisky.

Followed by warming spicy sweet charcoal, which is acrid.

Finish is all about the smoke, but it doesn’t last very long.

Appearance: Very light hay like golden yellow.

Real Dram Factor: This is very light flavoured whisky, which is full of flavour, but very gentle. It would make an excellent gateway into the smokey style, but its lack of finish disappointed me too much for me to buy a whole bottle.

You Will Like This If… you fancy trying a smokey whisky.

ABV: 45.8%

Price: £39.95 from The Whisky Exchange

Source: Purchased in a blind tasting set for Whisky Exchange’s 2020 Whisky Judging Set

More Information: https://portaskaig.com

Buy Online: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/34473/port-askaig-8-year-old

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