Kavalan Classic Single Malt

Aroma: As I first took a nose of this whisky, there was a big waft of fruit. Firstly apples and raisins then a gentle sweet cinnamon spice. Then with more time in the glass, a dusty oaky note came to the fore. 

Taste: At first sweet and light with very similar fruity notes to the nose.

In the middle there is a funky toffee note, with an element that at first I found hard to pick out. After a few sips, I would have called it foam bananas, then it became more fruity and left me feeling confused. This is followed at the end by a short peppery spice, that briefly flirts with developing, before mellowing out to a wider caramel sweetness and a return to the foam bananas notes of earlier.

As the dram finishes there is a swirl of woody, almost toasted nutty smoke, which is super pleasing.

Appearance: Golden Brown

Real Dram Factor: This isn’t the most punchy or in your face whisky, but it is super pleasing. The finish isn’t long in the mouth, but while it is there there are layers of complexity and different flavour notes that come to the fore with each sip. For keeping my interest, without blowing my mind I award this whisky a 7.2.

You Will Like This If… you like a floral, fruity gentle whisky – like a classic Arran.

ABV: 40%

Price: £59.45

Source: This came from the Whisky Exchange Whisky of the Year 2020 Judging Set that I picked up. So the whisky was reviewed blind and then the name has been added at a later date, then published with the key information added.

More Information: www.kavalanwhisky.com

Buy Online: Whisky Exchange – £59.45 (at time of press)

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