Aldi Irish Reserve – 12 Year Old Irish Malt Whiskey

Aroma: This whisky is all about the sweet honeyed orchard fruits. There is a golden sugar sweetness, which is paired with a buttery pastry like quality.

Taste: Initially there is a gentle sweetness, which tastes like a floral honey. It is light, delicate and unassuming.

Then there is a buttery pastry note, which is creamy and pudding like. Think Panna Cotta or Creme Caramels.

Finally, there is an on coming spice, which is peppery. It is fruity, warming and yet savoury. Like a grinding of pepper on a pasta.

Appearance: a rich golden hue, like a setting summer sun.

Real Dram Factor: This is perfectly functional whisky. It is sweet, creamy, easy to drink and has an enjoyable fruity spicy note to it. At the price it is an absolute steal and would make a really great whisky to drink as an evening sipper. It doesn’t have the longest finish, but it goes down well.

You Will Like This If… you enjoy having a bottle of whisky that you can drink whenever you like.

ABV: 40%

Price: £24.99

Source: Bottle share from a friend.

More Information and Buy Online – You can read the hilarious user reviews and buy a bottle here: Aldi UK Online

4 thoughts on “Aldi Irish Reserve – 12 Year Old Irish Malt Whiskey

  1. Even better value now, it was reduced to £20 in my local Aldi so I thought, ‘why not?’

    Very sweet, almost saccharine. I’m getting strudel dusted with icing sugar which fits with your notes of orchard fruits and pastry and, yes, the spice in the tail is a little hot, almost spoils the finish. Can’t complain though!

    1. This was one of their Christmas releases last year, but it was a limited edition, so I would imagine that it has all gone now – sorry!

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