Balvenie 14 Year Old – Caribbean Cask

Aroma: At first there is a sweet biscuity spice, like coconut and pastry. Then it opens to a stewed orchard fruit note – somewhere in between a ripe pear and dried apple slices.

Taste: This is a slight dram at first. It is delicate, buttery and has orchard fruit notes. 

Then there is an oak furniture polish note, which is floral and sweet. This part of the dram reminds me of toasted hazelnuts and has a milk chocolate element too.

The final flavours coat the top of the mouth with a sweet, creamy woodenness.

Appearance:Golden Brown (Coloured for consistency)

Real Dram Factor: In a big line up of whiskies, this maybe a whisky that gets lost, but give it time and space and it has loads to offer. it is delicate, and quiet, but full of pleasing sweet, floral, fruity flavours. At first the apple and pear notes are most present, but with further sips there is a nutty chocolate and a warming wooden spice that come to the fore. Like the person in the office that you only get to like after a year, quiet, unassuming, but lots of fun – 7.4 out of 10.

(EDIT: Another distillery that I have largely ignored for a while out of prejudice – I will try to change this ASAP)

You Will Like This If… you like delicate, sweet, nutty whiskies.

ABV: 43%

Price: £50-60

Source: This came from the Whisky Exchange Whisky of the Year 2020 Judging Set that I picked up. So the whisky was reviewed blind and then the name has been added at a later date, then published with the key information added.

More Information:

Buy Online: Whisky Exchange – £53.95 at time of review.

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