Suntory – The Hakushu – 12 Year Old

Aroma: Leathery, crisp green apple and a waft of charcoal chimney smoke. 

Taste: First there is a sweet floral honey flavour, which is green and takes me to a summery meadow.

Then in the middle there is a dry quality that is like sun dried grass, combined with milky hazelnuts. This part of the whisky reminds me of my nan and her predilection for Walnut Whips. 

Finally there is a delicate, syrupy sweet fruit, which reminds me of tinned peaches. After a few sips, the wafty smoke from the nose makes a swirling, delicate appearance. It is acrid and has a flavour like charcoal, but it is balanced by a greenness.

Appearance: Golden – like springtime sunshine. 

Real Dram Factor: This whisky encapsulates the joy of whisky for me. It has sat at the back of my cupboard, gradually collecting dust, whilst I eek out as much joy from it as possible. I picked it up from an auction, with a horrifically scarred box for less than £60. Now it costs upwards of £170 and now it seems to be getting more and more limited. It is gently smokey, green and yet still syrupy fruity sweet. For keeping my love over the last couple of years – 8.7 out of 10.

You Will Like This If… you have expensive, but well refined tastes!

ABV: 43%

Price: £150 – 200

Source: Bottle bought at Auction.

More Information:

Buy Online: Whisky Exchange – £175

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