Glen Moray – Rhum Agricole

Aroma: When I first nosed this whisky, I found classic Speyside whisky aroma notes, such as apples and pears, brown sugar and vanilla. But with more nosing, there is a sweet, jammy fruit nose and a grassy, coconut. 

Taste: On the palate, the beginning has a floral dry sweetness, which flows delicately into other flavours. These flavours are coconut, sweet marshmallow and creamy milk chocolate – a veritable liquid Tunnock’s Tea Cake!

Then there is a fruity sweetness, which reminds me of pineapple. This becomes a warming ginger spice, which is grassy and oaken.

Finally, this whisky leaves the lips tingling with boozy sweetness and fruit. Here there is a sherried stone fruit element to the whisky. The flavour lasts long and swirls.

Appearance: Golden sunshine.

Real Dram Factor: This is a tasty whisky. It is sweet with fruit, but also nutty and spicy. As it sits in the glass and warms, it opens to reveal more flavours. There is a lovely sweetness, but it is rich and complex. For being a whisky that starts simple and reveals itself to be much more interesting, I would give it 7.8 out of 10.

You Will Like This If… you like sweet, spicy Speyside whiskies that have another level – this is for you.

ABV: 46.3%

Price: £50 – 60

Source: Sample shared by a friend from his Glen Moray Tweet Tasting pack.

More Information and Buy Online: Master of Malt

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