Campbeltown Loch – 21 Year Old

Aroma: At first there were ethanolic aromas, which mingle with stewed apples and vanilla cream. Then there is an oaky furniture polish note that comes later that is accompanied by a fruity sweetness, which at times reminded me of Irn Bru.

Taste: At first a hugely creamy sweetness, somewhere between vanilla and strawberries and cream.

As the sweetness passes away, gingery spice builds, which brings warmth and a fruity peppery quality.

Finally, there is the duality of creamy fudgey vanilla, which reappears from the start of the dram, with the spices of the middle. The spice is a gingery, black pepper spice that is fruity with a real warmth. Together these flavours create a rounded fruity wooden quality that lingers for a long time on the palate.

Appearance: A rich golden hue – like wet sand that has been warmed by a summer sun.

Real Dram Factor: I first tasted this whisky through a The Dram Team box, but sadly I cannot remember which one. I chatted to Chris, the founder of the company at one of our regular whisky get togethers in Bristol and found out that he had the remainder of a bottle kicking around The Dram Team towers. I kindly offered to take it from him and dispose of it in a safe environment. I have ever since, occasionally revisited it and enjoyed it each time. It has the creaminess of the grain, but also the smoke and oak from the malt whisky part of the dram. According to other sources it used to be available for £30-40, which would make this an absolute steal. However it is around the £70-80 mark where available now, making it a different proposition.

For those of you that are uninitiated, The Dram Team are a small whisky company, who create bespoke whisky tasting packs and deliver them direct to your door. Each month they choose a theme and pick six whiskies that they feel give the best example of that theme. Five of the whiskies come in a 25ml standard pour bottle and the sixth dram (Often a rare or expensive whisky) comes in a smaller 10ml festival pour size. You can find out more about The Dram Team and subscribe* to their product here –

*FYI: We gain no financial reward from sign posting this company, but full disclosure we are friends with the guys that run it.

You Will Like This If… you like creamy, spicy whiskies that have a light, coastal smoky influence.

ABV: 46%

Price: £70 – 80

Source: The remainder of a bottle purchased from a friend.

More Information: You can find more detailed information over on The Whisky Lounge’s blog.

Buy Online: £71.90 at The Whisky World

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