Kilkerran – 8 Year Old – Cask Strength Sherry Cask

Aroma: Dirty sherry with a salty leathery quality that hangs over the top and fills your nasal passages with rich, deep aromas. It is musty, with a deeply earthy, yet citrus sharp quality.

Taste: At first, both salty and sweet. There is an accrid smoke, which is somehow both dark, yet also light. I think this can only be achieved because of the fruity sweetness that is delivered by the dram at the same time.

Then there is a leathery, fruity rich spice, which has a white pepper warmth and a tobacco leaf fruitiness. There is a quality to this part of the dram that is like a fruity coffee also.

Finally, this whisky wafts with charcoal smoke that briefly billows across the palate, leaving behind a fruity sweetness and a drying leathery spice. This finish lasts long and draws you for another sip.

Appearance: Deep, rich red colour.

Real Dram Factor: This whisky is such a delight. It sits amongst my favourites that I have ever drunk. It is sweet, yet savoury. Spicy, yet sweet. Creamy, yet smoky. It somehow manages to capture every intangible quality that I love about whisky. It is evocative of so many joyous seaside and outdoor experiences, yet simultaneously tasks like licking a pirates salty boots (I imagine – for all you whisky literalists).

You Will Like This If… you like a dirty, salty, smoky whisky at cask strength.

ABV: 57.1%

Price: £48 – 60

Source: Bottle purchase that we shared as a blogging trio.

More Information: For more information about the distillery check out:

Buy Online: If you find one, then let me know. I want a new bottle!

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