Duncan Taylor – Octave – The Iconic Speyside

Aroma: Rich, sweet, fruity and spicy. On the nose, this is a whisky to get lost in. It has a polished oak sideboard like quality, which is full of acidic red berry fruits. It has vanilla, but it is spicy too, think Panna Cotta and you won’t be far away.

Taste: The initial flavour of this whisky is floral, lightly sweet with a honey like quality.

In the middle of this whisky, there is a rich woodiness, which is big, boozy and fruity.

The final notes follow the nose, they have a gingery warmth and an icing sugar sweetness>

Real Dram Factor: This is a gentle whisky, but it is also huge. There is a subtly to its floral quality and its sweetness, but its woodiness is spicy and strong. These contrasts give it dynamism and make it eminently drinkable, but it’s strength will be off putting for some drinkers.

You Will Like This If… you like a classic Speyside, but amped up to 11.

ABV: 53.7%

Price: £70-80

Source: Sample from PR firm.

More Information: https://duncantaylor.com/whisky/octave

Buy Online: https://thespiritsembassy.com/products/the-octave-an-iconic-speyside-2011

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