About Us

The Real Dram started life as a whisky review and articles site, run by three friends from Bristol, Simon, Rob and Tom.

We started the blog in October of 2015, when we also established a whisky club with some friends in Bristol.

The aims of the blog were simple:

  • To chart our relationship with the dynamic and interesting spirit that is whisky.
  • To be a digital aide memoir, reminding us what we thought of specific drams and how our palates have changed over the course of time.
  • To be a place of non-fussy, honest opinion about whisky, for others to read if they were interested.

Over time, we have added areas and reviews of different stuff and it has now become a small corner of the internet, where we simply share reviews and articles about stuff that we like from the wider world of spirits, food and beer.

*In case you wondered why we have such an odd name, its genesis is the combination of two words…

Reel – As in the container onto which film is loaded. My first idea for the blog was pairings of whisky and film, but all that went out of the window when the reality of my inability to write coherently became patently obvious.


Dram – As in a small measure unspecified amount of something, usually alcohol.