Borders Single Grain Whisky

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InstaDram: Cost: £50 approx Appearance: Pale honey colour, straw yellows. Aroma: Honey, raisins, rum, green apples, sweets, caramelised sugar and sherry. Taste: Broad flat tones, sherry, tiny pepper notes, nuts, barley, grains and dried grass. Mouthfeel: Oily, with tannins at … Continued

Few Rye – Rye Spirit

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InstaDram: Cost: £55-65 Appearance: Carefully aged iron bru. Aroma: Honey, glacier cherries, fruit, brown sugar and gingerbread. Taste: Cherries, white pepper, bran, molasses, rye, plums, oats and orange peel. Mouthfeel: Fiery, dry, smoke with an oily afterglow. Overall: A lovely sweet and grainy dram. … Continued

Ardbeg – Uigeadail

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It’s Christmas, and I got a lovely bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail from my folks this year. I’ve just had cheese on toast and I’m watching an episode of House where 3 legs are being chopped off, so what better time … Continued