Quick Answer: What beer goes with cheddar?

Or try a sharp cheddar with a hoppy lager, which highlights the acidity in the cheese. The right hops can also bring out flavours in a creamy blue cheese reminiscent of elderflower. An aged gouda, with its sweetness and caramel notes, also makes an interesting complement to a hoppy beer.

What beer goes well with cheddar?

Sharp Cheddar

Citrusy beers like a Saison, or hoppy beers with a touch of bitterness, like IPAs, make the perfect pair for rich, sharp cheddars because they have crispness that cuts through the creamy texture of the cheddar.

What beer goes well with cheese?

A full-bodied, matured cheese often goes well with heavier beer types, like pale lager, brown ales or even stouts. You might also give a heavy barley wine a try. Sharp blue cheeses can handle a heavy black stout, which can otherwise easily smother other flavors. Heavy, fruity beers also go well with blue cheeses.

What drink goes with cheddar?

The best wine pairings for cheddar cheese

  • Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. …
  • Late Bottled Vintage or vintage port. …
  • A strong ale. …
  • A medium-dry strong cider . . . …
  • . . . …
  • An oaky chardonnay. …
  • Note: serving chutney with your cheddar may make your match less successful.
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Can you have cheese with beer?

Beer and cheese make a great pair. In fact, they are a much better match than most might think. Beer has a highly complex taste and re-freshing carbonation. Especially the car-bonation works very well with cheese, as it cuts through the denseness and richness of most cheeses.

How do you pair beer with cheese?

Simply put, pair light cheese with light beer, and pair that funky, washed-rind, juggernaut of a cheese with a beer so strong and flavorful that it can stand toe to toe with a grin. Here’s another piece of pairing advice: That which grows together often goes together.

What cheese goes best with IPA?

What Cheese Pairs Best with an IPA?

  • Cheddar Cheese with an IPA – A medium or sharp cheddar works. I like sharp better overall but prefer medium for a long cheese binge. …
  • Parmegiano Reggiano with an IPA– This is an Italian cheese. …
  • Blue Cheese with an IPA – Blue cheeses are my favorite.

What do beer and cheese have in common?

“Cheese and beer go well together because beer is like scrubbing bubbles for your mouth,” said Halbreiter. “Various cheeses enhance beer’s distinctive characteristics like hoppiness and sweetness. In return, beer will enhance the cheese’s creaminess and nuttiness.”

What cheese goes with lager?

Domestic Lagers

When you’re looking for something light and refreshing, reach for a domestic lager (Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, etc.) Pair these domestics with mild cheeses such as mild Cheddar or havarti cheeses.

What makes a Belgian Dubbel?

On first glance, Belgian-style Dubbels can be identified by their dark brown color. This beer style features sweet malts, and often has aromas and flavors with notes of chocolate and caramel. With a range of 20-30 IBU, Dubbels typically have a medium-low hop bitterness to them. …

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What alcoholic drink goes with cheese?

If you only want to serve one beverage with your cheese, then white wine or beer are your best bet.

  • WHITE WINE & CHEESE. A slightly sweet white wine will often work well, but make sure it’s not too sweet and try to find one with a nice acidity to cut through the richness of the cheese. …
  • BEER & CHEESE. …

What alcohol goes with cheddar cheese?

You’re in luck, cheddar gets along with many different liquors. Some of our favorite liquor pairings for cheddar are dark rum, bourbon, and rye whiskey. Whiskey in particular goes swimmingly with an aged cheddar.

Is cheese good to have with alcohol?

“Vodka pairs really well with cheese, [as] the high alcohol content of the spirit can cut through the fattiness of a cheese and coat your palate,” says head distiller Caley Shoemaker. … Shoemaker avoids highly-flavored infused cheeses with heavily-flavored spirits to go with vodka, however.

What cheese goes with stout?

Stouts can smooth out a sharp cheddar, or a sweet ale can counter an especially salty blue cheese.

What does a brown ale pair with?

Food Pairings

Cheese: An aged Dutch Gouda is an ideal match, as the cocoa powder notes and caramel sweetness in American Brown Ales contrast the nuttiness and saltiness of the cheese. Pork or Steak: The light caramel sweetness of the beer complements and brings out the savory flavors of the meat.

What is in Pilsner beer?

Classic Pilsners are made with light-colored Pilsner malt, Saaz and Hallertau noble hops, and a bottom fermenting Pilsner yeast. They have an alcohol by volume level of 4.2-5.8 percent and generally are quite sessionable.

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