Starward Whisky Bottle
Whisky Review

Starward – Two Fold

Aroma: At first a takeaway hot apple pie, perhaps provided by a purveyor known for its golden arches. There is caramelised sugar, stewed apples and buttery pastry. This is followed by a drying vinous berry fruit […]

Whisky Review

Benromach 15 Year Old

Aroma: At first, I found this whisky smelt like rusty iron. Then there was a sweetness of fruit and finally a delicate smokiness. It is somehow earthy, but also has a fizzy sweets […]

Whisky Review

Port Askaig 8 Year Old

Aroma: This whisky has a marshmallow sweetness, which is counterpointed with a chimney smoke. Imagine eating Tunnocks Tea Cake whilst emptying day old ashes from a log burner. Call it salty or seaweedy, but there […]