Best answer: How do I apply for a personal alcohol licence?

How much does a personal alcohol Licence cost UK?

Licence fees

Application fees range from £100 to £1,905, depending on the fee band of your venue. If your premises doesn’t have a rateable value it will fall into the lowest fee band.

Can I get a personal licence online?

You can complete and download the application using our online Personal Licence Application Wizard. Use our risk-free EasyApply service to apply for your personal licence. What is Easy Apply for Personal Licence? Let us do all the work and make sure your application is successful.

How do I pay for my personal licence application?

You can pay the fee by cheque or postal order made payable to Kingston Council, or over the telephone by debit or credit card by calling 0208 547 5080. Please note that when notifying us of a change in name you must enclose proof of the change, such as a copy of your marriage or deed poll certificate.

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How do you obtain a liquor license?


  1. To acquire the zoning certificate and Local Authority Approval letter from Municipality.
  2. To acquire the Tax Clearance Certificate and Police Clearance Certificate of applicant.
  3. Secure a letter of consent from the landlord or lease agreement / title deed of premises.

Is personal licence exam hard?

So, is the personal licence exam difficult? Not at all. Upon the conclusion of the Personal Licence Training Course, delegates will need to pass a 40-question multiple choice exam will be conducted. At least 28 out of the 40 questions in the exam must be correct in order to complete the exam.

Does a personal license holder have to be on site?

As a personal licence holder you DO NOT have to be present at, or on the premises during, the sale of alcohol. … If staff employed under your responsibility break the licensing law, for example selling to underage customers, your personal licence could be at stake.

Do I need a licence to sell alcohol online?

In order to sell alcohol online, you’ll need a Personal Licence and a Premises Licence. A Personal Licence holder is required to be the Designated Premises Supervisor, i.e., the person responsible for the Premises Licence. So, this will be the first place to start.

How long does it take to get an alcohol licence?

Getting your personal licence usually takes a month, including the time it takes to take a Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders course and the for a DBS background check to be done.

Can I sell alcohol from my home UK?

To sell alcohol from your premises (i.e. home address), you are required to have a premises licence granted and for at least one person in the business to have a personal licence. That person does not have to be present on the premises to oversee the sale of alcohol, but is responsible for any sales made.

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How long is a personal licence granted for?

An applicant for a personal licence must apply to the licensing authority where they ordinarily live. A licence will last for a period of 10 years unless it is surrendered or forfeited before the expiry date. There is an option to renew the licence for a further 10 years upon expiry.

How long does a personal license last?

Personal Licences are therefore now valid indefinitely. If you have already been issued with a Personal Licence which shows an expiry date you now do not need to renew it, even when the date showing on your existing licence passes.

Does a personal licence expire?

Unlike a lot of licenses, a Personal License has no expiry date.

How do I start an alcohol business?

How to Open a New Liquor Store in 2020

  1. Create a Liquor Store Business Plan. …
  2. Find a Location. …
  3. Form a Legal Entity. …
  4. Set Up Business Accounting & Banking. …
  5. Acquire Permits & Licenses for Selling Alcohol. …
  6. Get Your Liquor Store Insured. …
  7. Create Your Liquor Store’s Brand. …
  8. Launch a Website.

How do I start my own liquor brand?

How To Start Your Own Liquor Brand

  1. Selecting a Brand Name. Picking a brand name is very important. …
  2. Starting a Business. …
  3. The Federal Government. …
  4. State Government. …
  5. The Three-Tiered System in the US. …
  6. Let the Fun Stuff Begin. …
  7. The Business Plan. …
  8. Finding the Right Production Partner.

How do you get a liquor license in Free State?

Any new application for a liquor registration can only be lodged on the first Friday of the month . These dates are published in the Provincial Gazette and are attached above. You must advertise your intention to apply in the Provincial Gazette and your local newspaper. You may use the same Form FSLA 02.

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